Fitness Tip – Triceps

Q. What is a good way to hit the triceps if I don’t have any workout equipment or if I am traveling?
A. If you want to train your triceps and are traveling and/or

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Nutrition Tip – Supplements

Q. What are your thoughts on taking Creatine as a training supplement?
A. In general, I am big fan on taking training supplements. I believe there are 3 essential ‘general’ supplements that

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Super Sets

Q. Are you an advocate of doing super sets? And what is the proper way of doing this (hitting the same body group or different body groups)
A. Super sets are one of the most effective

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Q. Can you speak to running and how important form is while you run?
A. To be a strong runner it is absolutely essential to have really good form. The better your form, the more efficient

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Benefits of Planks

Q. What are the benefits of incorporating planks into your ab circuit?
A. Planks are a great way to build strength (physical and mental), improve posture/balance, and flexibility.

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