Meal Plan: Detox with Meat for Men

A healthy body begins with living right, eating good foods and eliminating toxins from our body. Our animal protein detoxification template is full of organic chicken and beef sources of protein along with lentils and black beans for cleansing. Our elimination process begins by avoiding all dairy, gluten/wheat grains, caffeine, fish, shellfish and corn products.   It is loaded with high fiber fruits and vegetables along with providing you with low glycemic, high nutrient based carbohydrates such as brown rice, broccoli, and asparagus. The foods in our templates have been chosen to protect you from any artificial food colorings, herbicides, pesticides, aspartame, hormones and any other added chemicals such as nitrates, and sulfites used to preserve meats. Most of us have over loaded our liver with toxic medications, caffeine, processed foods and stress. Our well designed and tested detoxification program should provide the body with all the powerful nutrients to detoxify and cleanse the liver of all the unnecessary toxic build up leaving you feeling leaner and more focused with the ability to manage stress appropriately.


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