Perfecting Your Purpose Coaching Series


My Coaching Series Includes:

A system of resources and training created based on my own life’s experiences over the last two decades that have taken me from a middle management job in corporate America, to a Celebrity fitness trainer appearing on several national TV networks, and a lead trainer/spokesperson for an international consumer fitness program. My step-by-step process takes you through a series of coaching modules that help you:

– Analyze your personal story
– Identify your true passions in life
– Learn how to take your natural abilities and turn them into opportunities
– Build strong relationships and surround yourself with people who genuinely support you
– Build a brand around your life’s purpose

Module 1: Analyzing Your Story and Life’s Experiences
Module 2: 5 Passion Principles That Inspire You
Module 3: Your Abilities Create Opportunities
Module 4: The Power of Your Relationships
Module 5: Building Your Brand

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