7.2 Shake

7.2 Shake contains 21 grams of our ultra-alkalizing vegan Fiber Power Blend. It supports healthy, long-term weight loss while promoting new lean muscle mass. Other benefits include healthy, glowing skin and hair and through-the-roof physical and mental energy. The best part is that it is delicious, great tasting and easy-to-use.

Organic — Vegan — Kosher — Sugar-Free —
Non-GMO — No Gluten, Soy, Whey or Dairy




SevenPoint2 offers its Preferred Customers, a 30-day, 100%, unconditional, money-back guarantee, less shipping charges. If for any reason, after receiving their first order, the retail customer is not entirely satisfied with the product, he or she may contact SevenPoint2 within thirty (30) days of the order date to request a credit or refund. All product(s) returned under this 30-day guarantee must be sent pre-paid by the customer. The customer must enclose their original order number when returning merchandise.

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Q: Isn’t whey protein better for athletes than vegetable based protein?
A: Whey protein is not as well digested or absorbed by the body as vegan proteins are. Additionally, whey is highly processed with heat which denatures protein-changing its molecular shape and thus function. Originally a disposable byproduct of milk production, companies now market whey as a protein supplement. Plant based proteins are very effective at supporting the body. They contain amino acids, the natural building blocks of protein, to support human health. Virtually every cell in the human body requires amino acids, but they are especially vital in muscle tissues. Plant based proteins are very efficiently digested and easily absorbed by the body compared to animal flesh or milk based proteins which have been cooked or highly processed. These animal and dairy sourced proteins take a lot of energy to break down into their component amino acids. 7.2 Shake is a clean, plant based protein source which is delicious and does not promote acidity in the body. This great tasting vegan shake is the foundation of your Alkaline lifestyle. Our proprietary formula is an excellent high quality, low carbohydrate protein source which is easily digestible, high in fiber and provides an extensive array of naturally occurring amino acids. 7.2 Shake is a low glycemic, high performance vegetarian superfood which assists your body in burning fat and becoming alkaline all at the same time!
Q: How is 7.2 Shake processed? Is it freeze dried?
A: The 7.2 Shake ingredients are pure water blended and dried via a tunnel air volume process with ultra dry air (zero humidity) to maintain the nutritional and enzymatic integrity of the proteins. We use FDA CGMP labs for all of our production to ensure quality and consistency. We do not use radiation, pressure screening, heat drying, bleaching or other processes that would adulterate the quality of our products. We use only non-GMO, vegan and organic ingredients. That’s the secret to our high quality, minimally processed and raw food compliant food ingredients.
Q: Is the natural flavoring used in 7.2 Shake really natural?
A: The flavor profile and ingredients that make “The Shake that tastes like Cake” are truly extraordinary vanilla flavors. The true natural vanilla flavors used in 7.2 Shake are plant sourced, non-gmo and extremely expensive compared to the artificial and processed flavorings that you find in most mainstream products. Many flavorings on the market claim to be “all natural”, but upon closer inspection they use genetically modified and modified materials that leave a lot to be desired.
Q: I am particular about the texture of my foods. Is 7.2 Shake gritty?
A: Some people have palattes that are very sensitive to texture, and 7.2 Shake was created with this in mind. It is a delicious, high quality, easily digested protein powder with superior taste and smoother texture than other products on the market. While there are methods available to further “mesh” or “pulverize” the product, including a process that involves sonic (sound) energy, these processes involve micro levels of heat and processing that SevenPoint2® will not tolerate in the creation of its products. You demand a pristine product, and so do we!
Q: How much protein do I need? Can I take too much 7.2 Shake?
A: For most people, the “40/100” rule of protein is a good guideline. This means that for every 100 pounds of body weight, a person would consume 40 grams of protein per day. Keep in mind that this amount is for an average moderately sedentary individual – the amount can double for athletes. Here’s an example: If I am 150 Lbs, then 40 x 1.5 = 60 grams of protein per day (more if I am physically active). Each 2 Scoop serving of 7.2 Shake contains 21g of high quality vegan protein.
Q: Can my children safely enjoy 7.2 Shake?
A: YES! Kids love our 7.2 Shake, and it is a great way to provide them with an easily digestible, clean and healthy protein source. Many children will gladly finish a full serving (2 Scoops) of Shake, which is fine since kids are lucky to be blessed with naturally high metabolisms.
Q: Will adjusting my daily diet to include 7.2 Shake affect my mood or cravings?
A: If you are supplementing your diet with quality protein everyday, such as that found in 7.2 Shake, you can expect to maintain a positive mood and freedom from cravings. This in turn will allow you to quickly start removing carbohydrate and sugar rich foods from your diet. Why? Amino Acids. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. Did you know that the key neurotransmitters in your brain are also made of amino acids? And that these amino acids come from proteins, especially proteins that you eat? It’s true! When you ingest protein from meat sources, it requires significant stomach acid and digestive energy to process and break down the protein to its essential elements, including amino acids. However, when you ingest organic, plant based proteins such as those in 7.2 Shake they are broken down and absorbed by the body quickly. For this reason, organic plant based proteins are considered superior and can positively affect mood and cravings by delivering a full spectrum of plant based amino acids which are rapidly absorbed by the body.