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What you get

Let us simplify it for you

Your detailed results come in an easy-to-read format that shows you what to DO, EAT and TAKE:


What to Do

Have you ever noticed some friends work out twice a week and keep slim, while others spend hours in the gym every day and can’t lose any more weight? Everyone’s body reacts differently to exercise and that includes you! Find out what works best for your body. Which types of exercises you need to do (e.g., high intensity vs. low intensity) Duration and frequency of recommended exercises. Routine for a week of exercises.



What to Eat

Have you ever tried a diet your friend swore by, but that just didn’t end up working for you? Everyone is different and reacts differently to nutritional components. So, while a no-carb diet may work for your boss, it may produce the exact opposite effect for you. Find out what foods are optimal for you. What you need to eat to achieve your goals. Daily percentages of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.



What to Take

Did you know that while branch chain amino acids help most people build muscle and recover faster, they actually have the opposite effect for a subset of the population? Supplements are a great way to optimize your health but, as you may suspect by now, not everyone responds the same way. Find out which supplements are best for you. Which supplements you need to take to optimize your genetic variant and maintain healthy energy levels.