Super Sets


Q. Are you an advocate of doing super sets? And what is the proper way of doing this (hitting the same body group or different body groups)

A. Super sets are one of the most effective ways to increase strength, build muscle and burn fat. Not only do I train my clients performing super sets, but I also incorporate them into my own personal workouts.

A super set can be done one of two ways:

1. Perform a set of a strength exercise, immediately followed by a set of a different exercise but targeting the same muscle group. For example, do 10 reps of a bench press followed by 15 reps of push ups with less than 10 seconds of recovery time between sets. The recovery time is the key. The objective is to fatigue the muscle quickly through multiple exercises. By following this method you should notice an increase in HR, which will help burn some extra fat. You may only be able to perform 2-3 combined sets before you to failure.

2. Perform a set of a strength exercise, immediately followed by a different exercise targeting a different muscle group. For example, perform 10 reps of a bench press, followed by 10 reps of a tricep overhead extension. Again, keep the time between sets short (<10 sec). The objective here is to work one muscle while the opposing muscle is resting/recovering. This method will also increase the HR. Here is how I would recommend combining the muscle groups:

– Chest and Triceps
– Back and Biceps
– Shoulders (Note: Alternate between working all three heads of the shoulders: lateral delts, frontal (anterior) delts and rear (posterior) delts.)
– Legs (Note: Like the shoulders alternate between calves, hamstrings and quads)

In my opinion, one method of super set is not better than the other. I would however, actually recommend incorporating both types of super sets into your workout regimen. It’s all about training with a purpose. Plan you workout schedule in advance. This helps take any confusion away from your workout. Go in with a plan, come out with results.