Nutrition Tip – Supplements

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Q. What are your thoughts on taking Creatine as a training supplement?

A. In general, I am big fan on taking training supplements. I believe there are 3 essential ‘general’ supplements that everyone should consume who are serious about their training program: 1. BCAAs; 2. Glutamine; and 3. Creatine. They all have a ton of benefits in their own way.

With respect to creatine, I think anyone who trains at a high intensity, is looking to increase overall strength and power, needs quicker recovery time and is looking to enhance muscle volumization should absolutely be taking creatine. There are several other benefits to creatine consumption, but these are the top four when it comes to overall strength training.

If you are still not sure if creatine is for you, here is list of people who I believe can benefit from it:

1. Bodybuilders
2. Athletes looking to increase strength
3. An older (age) population
4. People on a vegetarian diet (typically have lower base levels of creatine)

Make sure to follow the instructions on the label on how much and when to consume creatine. Some brands suggest phasing your dosages for maximum benefits.