Planning/Communicating Your Riding Goals in a Cycling Class by Alex Isaly for AFAA/NASM

An indoor cycling class experience should be more than just pedaling on a stationary bike while listening to high energy music and getting in a great workout. Don’t get me wrong; these are big reasons why your riders show up, but once they are there let’s put some purpose behind their ride. By establishing and communicating specific goals it can take the ride to a different level and experience. Goals provide focus, give purpose and outline a direction for both the rider and the instructor. Click here for the full... read more

How to Motivate and Inspire Group Fitness Class Participants by Alex Isaly for AFAA/NASM

Having an authentic connection with your participants is absolutely essential when it comes to delivering a great group fitness class experience. So how do you do this? One way is through motivation and inspiration. What makes group fitness so unique is that it fosters an environment that brings people together with different fitness levels, goals and purposes. Click here for the full... read more

Pool Workouts by Alex Isaly for AskMen

Water creates constant resistance in all directions, challenging your coordination and forcing you to slow down and focus on the quality of your movements, says Alex Isaly, national group programming developer for Life Time Fitness and co-creator of Spartan Strong.  Click here to read the full... read more

Complexes Made Easy by Alex Isaly for Experience Life Magazine

“Complexes are great for every- one from the average gym-goer to the competitive athlete,” says trainer and endurance athlete Alex Isaly, who cocreated Life Time’s Spartan Strong and Kettlebell Kombine group fitness classes. “You can ac- complish so much in so little time.”   Click here to read the full article.... read more

Brilliant Hacks That Can Even Turn the Unmotivated Into Exercisers by US News

Don’t give yourself a second chance. Alex Isaly only gives himself one shot to work out each day. “If I miss it, then I don’t work out that day and the feeling of guilt sets in … which to me doesn’t sit well,” says Isaly, the signature brand ambassador and a group fitness instructor for Life Time. “I also think about how good I will feel after I get it in and get it done [and] how bad I will feel if I don’t.” For Rob Glick, the senior director of group fitness innovation for Life Time, the best “one shot” time is first thing in the morning. “Being active early,” he says, “creates that mindset for the whole day.” Click here to read full... read more

Spartan Strong by Alex Isaly for Experience Life

Many exercise systems offer a full-body strength-and- cardio challenge. What’s unique about Spartan Strong — the new obstacle course- inspired class series at Life Time — is that it not only gets you race ready, but also life ready. “Spartan Strong brings the spirit of Spartan into the fitness studio. Just like on the race course, you’re moving from one exercise, or obstacle, to the next pretty much nonstop, pushing to the limit on each one,” says Life Time trainer and Ironman athlete Alex Isaly, who designed the group-fitness class and the following workout.... read more

Underwater Strength Training by Alex Isaly for Men’s Health

If you follow a lot of fitness influencers, you’ve probably seen photos of people working out underwater while scrolling through your feed. But while it might seem like a relatively new trend, underwater strength training has been a thing for some time now — whether it’s used just in a training session, or in a group class that combines the core principles of aqua training and HIIT.   Click here to read the full... read more

Workouts For Skinny Guys by Alex Isaly for

If hitting the gym on the regular isn’t resulting in the swelling silhouette you envisioned, you may not be sending your muscles the right message. Key variables in your training — sets, reps, weight, rest — determine the outcome of your efforts, so it’s important to ensure those factors are aligned towards your goal. Here, created using a combination of high volume, varying weight, and controlled rest periods, you’ll find a simple and effective muscle-building workout plan, designed to pack mass onto your entire body. “For the skinny dude, this is a great workout to put on some serious muscle,” says celebrity trainer and elite endurance athlete Alex Isaly, the architect behind this bulk-up blueprint. Click here to read the full... read more

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